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U.s. History Notes And Reviews From The Beginning- 1877 – Regions Bank Foreclosure List

History 2300 Notes for Test 1

9/1 Rise of the Atlantic World: exploration, exploitation, and conquest

New Hampshire- supply wood to English navy

Africa is the loser because of technology; complete disruption of culture-a lot of infants and old people

Slave trade happens bc of need for labor, new crops, etc.

Few convicts that actually came to North America; Virginia full of indentured servants

Africa, Europe, Fresh World (Americas)

Europe dreamed of the far east—gold and riches

China—pepper, cinnamon-both preservatives to hide the taste of spoiling food

Wanted to find route to China and India-jewels, sapphires, riches

Northwest Passage- to China and India- magic route to riches

Previsions, bilge, people crammed in the ships

Scurvy-vitamin deficiency in which teeth fall out, gums swell up a...

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