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Is Canada having the same housing crisis as the US is?

Just wondering about the foreclosure rate and the declining market trends.

No, we’re not. Our sub-prime lending rules are stricter than those in the US, and as a result, we weren’t hit by the subprime crisis. Our banks are taking a hit though, as many of them invest in US mortgages, and have suffered losses due to the housing crisis in the US.

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I am an American, but I have lived in Canada most of my life, but want to buy a home in the States?

The problem is, I have no "American" credit. Is my Canadian credit useful at all for getting a mortgage down there or do I have to start over completely? Also, I have heard it is super easy to get a mortgage in the States and that is why there are so many foreclosures…. is that true? Is it pretty simple to get a mortgage.

P.S. I am looking into California if that makes a difference

You won’t know unless you talk with several lenders here to see what if anything you might qualify for. It costs you nothing but some time. I suggest several local lenders for you to see what different programs they have to offer and you get to choose which one works best for your financial situation.

But , Yes you can buy anywhere in the USA! Good Luck!

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