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Is America the only country going through a crisis?

is canada or britain or any part of europe for that matter, going through any similar crisises like we are?

increase in gas prices
increase in foreclosures and rent
stock market plunge
increase in unemployment rate.

etc. the list goes on…i guess we probably have it the worst.

No but our economy is SO BIG it drives the train.

America sneezes and the whole world catches cold…

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Bankruptcy after Marriage for Spouse's Debt Incurred prior to marriage?

Hi, I live with my spouse in his home that he purchased before marriage, I am on a visitor’s visa from Canada and am waiting for residency status. I have to travel back and forth to maintain my visitor’s status, and as such I do not work, and we do not have any joint assets, credit cards, bank accounts etc. The house went into foreclosure after our marriage, and my husband is now considering filing for bankruptcy for other debts he had incurred prior to our marriage. How will this affect my credit?

As long as you kept your account separate, it should not affect your credit. However, if you live in a community property state, everything that was accrued during the marriage is community property.
For a list of community property states see the link below,

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For Sale – For Rent – For Closure!

Due to the current monetary system and the fiction that the MSM calls with a jobless recovery, these houses are not getting filled. At least no where near enough to constitute a housing bottom. This town is Port Hope, Ontario which is doing decent in economic conditions in comparison to other North American communities.

More and more houses are going to have more people than ever before because people are not able to not only buy houses, or even rent houses with unemployment benefits and minimum wage pay.

This is the result we get when the monetary system is as corrupt as it is.


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