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How does an average person get their hands on bank foreclosure on properties?

How do you get information on bank foreclosures on anything from homes to auto,boats, motorcycles etc etc, the USA has them all the time/ what about here in Canada…. specifically Ontario?

Another option is to contact your local municipality. The township or city you live in should have a listing of the foreclosed properties in their jurisdiction. It is all public information. You will be able to find out which bank owns them with their contact information as well. From there, it is up to you.

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Foreclosure / Auction info for Real estate in Moncton, NB, Canada?

I’m looking for resources listing recent foreclosures, auctions, etc.. for cheap real estate in the Greater Moncton, NB, Canada area. Any help would be appreciated!

yep call the local county office or town clerks office
and ask them for the list of property that is up for auction due to non payment of property tax

also call the banks they always have foreclosures

also look in the new papers under the legal section this is where
banks put legal notices in for non payment on mortgages when they take them to court
hope this helps

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