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BC Foreclosures BC Foreclosures properties are selling for SHOCKING low prices! Discover this “UNKNOWN” real estate secret that made a small group of “INSIDERS” wealthy fast!

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How To Profit From Pre-Foreclosures In Canada – How To Profit From Foreclosures In BC and Alberta

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How does house-flipping work?

I love watching these shows about house-flipping. I see the headaches and problems they encounter but still seem to think it would be fun and a great way to make money. What I can’t figure out is how seemingly ordinary people (i.e. not already rich) can afford their own residence while also buying another house and sinking as much as $50k in renovations into it?

If you already own your own home, do you just go to the bank and get another home loan? I would think the bank wouldn’t approve such a risky venture at first. And even if you DO get approved, how do people get $50,000 in liquid cash to be able to do the renovation? I just don’t undertand...

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