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why is it the moment someone says "Socialist" people grab their wallets?

for those of you that are so sure that a "Social" program means the "end" of your "Freedoms"… you might take a look at the GDP of places Like France, and England, Germany, The Netherlands, Canada… these places all have
Higher education standards,
Lower Crime rates
Infant Mortality Rates
Health Care
Day Care
Much Smaller per capita prison Populations
Longer Life Spans, Etc,etc,etc,etc…..

and despite the endless banter in this country to the contrary… a better way of life.
Think you are free in U.S. ?… Try losing your Job, or being laid off by a company that you have worked for for over 10 years, or have your retirement and Health Benefits stripped away from you so that the company you work for can stay "Profitable"..
Foreclosure, repossessions, …...

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Foreclosure Profits For Dummies – Video 1 of 3 – Foreclosure Profits For Dummies – Video 1 of 3

Duration : 0:1:55

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i need advice on how to stop foreclosure please?

I am looking for anyone who would have any advice on foreclosure matters. I was just served with a default of payment notice from an attorney concerning my home loan, the attorney has asked me to write a proposal with the due date being the 16th of this month. however i do not know what a proposal consist of and there is no one at the office all week.
i was also wondering if there is a reinstatement period after a default of payment has been issued and how long does that give me? they have not listed my house in auction or in the paper as of yet. but the bank will not speak to me.

any advice at all or personal experience please i am residing in canada and i truly wish to keep my home all the default payments can be made i just need another month or so that is why i am asking about how long...

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