For Sale – For Rent – For Closure!

Due to the current monetary system and the fiction that the MSM calls with a jobless recovery, these houses are not getting filled. At least no where near enough to constitute a housing bottom. This town is Port Hope, Ontario which is doing decent in economic conditions in comparison to other North American communities.

More and more houses are going to have more people than ever before because people are not able to not only buy houses, or even rent houses with unemployment benefits and minimum wage pay.

This is the result we get when the monetary system is as corrupt as it is.


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  • minnevikings  says:

    How much would one …
    How much would one of these houses generally sell for, at the time they were built?

  • buzzz121  says:

    Travelled to Canada …
    Travelled to Canada quite a bit, always admired the quality of the homes. The people are nice as well.

  • Whattosayehh  says:

    thanks for posting …
    thanks for posting re canada

  • legacy6684  says:


  • TheUncleBastard  says:

    Reminds me of kids …
    Reminds me of kids in the hall

  • dgmoocher  says:

    Nice vid, a little …
    Nice vid, a little differerent. Wow, Canadians make quality brick homes? That’s cool.

  • Dakarah777  says:

    Nice vid! Nice …
    Nice vid! Nice area also. Show us more of Canada!

  • toogood6996  says:

    music is …
    music is shiiiiiiiiiiit

  • BLynchCAN  says:

    Interesting. Port …
    Interesting. Port hope though, El Dorado, Cameco, right. Not on Ontario’s top ten list, agreed?

  • cardsafterdark  says:

    Housing is always a …
    Housing is always a function of employment/wages.

  • marcusguernsey  says:

    why not just admit …
    why not just admit you thought it was america,because u missed the begin of the vid. and while your at it,show us the houses you have built?

  • lloydmer  says:

    nice homes, but not …
    nice homes, but not much privacy outside and no significant vegetable gardens happening. just grass to look at and mow….

    unless it can be a homestead that produces food, i wouldn’t buy even if the price were “right”.

  • drutter  says:

    Looks like on some …
    Looks like on some streets in that area, there’s a 50% for rent/sale rate.

    Thanks for the vid! Good music 🙂

  • wasteoftimer  says:

    Nice vid. Very …
    Nice vid. Very different than normal. You live in a very beautiful area.

  • 11moonelf  says:

    @ Danster82 : can …
    @ Danster82 : can hear the info – video is of is Canada

  • emmaus9  says:

    They certainly look …
    They certainly look like high-quality homes – mostly stone and brick construction.

  • Zwikster  says:

    what are the …
    what are the approximate prices for those houses?

    Im not into modern cookie cutter houses, (look the same, so close together) but some have nice views in their backyard.

  • Danster82  says:

    Im talking about …
    Im talking about character not standards tard.

  • marcusguernsey  says:

    tard: did you not …
    tard: did you not see the beginning of the vid`? he said it was ontario,canada.and the houses look well above standard to me.they are just not at full capacity

  • jamezbond78  says:

    There is a second …
    There is a second wave of mortgage defaults coming, probably already started so I wouldn’t buy anything at this point, after everything settles you don’t know what the houses will be worth,

  • cdmcl3  says:

    same here, if not …
    same here, if not worse: Alabama.
    but Alobama might be better someday….
    can’t say i’ll know much about such….

    thanks for another very useful vid, Derek….

  • Danster82  says:

    looks like lego …
    looks like lego land does all of america lack character?

  • Herbalpagan  says:

    It’s the same here. …
    It’s the same here. The only upside that I can see is that people who have a choice are not putting their houses on the market just so they can move “up”. Another plus is that people who have any credit and cash are buying up houses that are foreclosed at great prices. However, those will have to be sold at some point too.

  • tzarBHD  says:

    Those houses are …
    Those houses are huuuuuge

  • centervilletn  says:

    you can t sell your …
    you can t sell your house when have to ask more than they are worth…many potiential buyers are afraid to buy as their jobs are in jepardy..very scary days in the housing market

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