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Foreclosure Listings Canada

There is a way for you to find great investment properties in Canada. But before we go to that, let us first consider why we should do that. Investing in this hardest of times is a wise decision as most people would sell their properties instead of facing the mortgage every month.

The best part about investing in these properties is that they are under court rule. That means that you are safe since the foreclosed properties that you are buying have passed through judicial procedures. In fact the judicial court is also the one to decide on whose favor the home or property is given to.
Why invest now? Today when there are many homes and real estate properties being added to foreclosure listings Canada, you can buy multi-million properties in just thousands worth of money...

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Where can you get a free list of foreclosure listings?

Seems every site wants credit card info before you can get details.

You can find VA foreclosures at:

And HUD foreclosures at:

Call the county clerk’s office in your county to inquire about how they list their properties for the foreclosure sales. Some counties have it online, others require you to go to their office. All info is free. They do charge to make copies though. Good Luck!!!

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I’m a loan officer in the Chicago area with contacts with several commercial investors and I also run a networking group all looking for great investment opportunities. Please help me out with any suggestions or answers. Thanks.

See I believe they give limited free listings; you might be required to register. Also, check out the Cook County Clerk’s office – they should have foreclosure listings there. (Or whatever county you plan on operating in.)

Hope this helps…

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