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Could anyone please tell me where I can get list of Foreclosure Homes?

I would realy appreciate if anyone can tell me where and how I can get list of foreclosed homes in and arround Atlanta, GA for free.

If you get it on a list that someone has published…forget about finding any real deals.

If you want to beat the crowd you have to dig.

You go to the courthouse and do mortgage and title searches.

You learn how by asking the fellas you see in there every day..they work for title companies.

If you want to beat everyone to the punch..then this is how its done…there is no easy way sorry.

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I’m a loan officer in the Chicago area with contacts with several commercial investors and I also run a networking group all looking for great investment opportunities. Please help me out with any suggestions or answers. Thanks.

See I believe they give limited free listings; you might be required to register. Also, check out the Cook County Clerk’s office – they should have foreclosure listings there. (Or whatever county you plan on operating in.)

Hope this helps…

Check out TaxSaleWealth

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Where can I find a free list of house foreclosure?

I have heard that it have a channel on the TV that will show you a lot of house which are foreclosure. But I can’t find out that channel… And can you show me which website that give a free list of the house foreclosure. Thank a lots !!!

Only your local realtor would have a free list of foreclosed homes in your area. Anything on the internet you will pay a fee for.

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