The Power of Following Task Lists – Section 8 Lists

  • Why you too should take time to follow a list.
  • Simple strategies for succeeding with a task list
  • Free online interface for maintaining your list


People find success in many considerable things.

* Power naps

* Power lunches

* Power meetings

So what about a power list?

Nothing may sound more plain than following task lists to success, but I personally am amazed at how well doing so has worked for me.

I have owned my own business for years. And for years I would salvage to the end of some of my days and reflectively ask questions like “what did I really get done today.” Trust me, I’ve not always been happy with the resulting answer.

However, over the last two months that has changed.

You see, my chief financial officer, CEO & wife finally got me to try a power list for my daily events. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been willing to do this for a long time but never found what worked for me.

I’d create a list only to lose it in less than 24 hours.

What good is that?

Then she discovered Google calendar and we started to keep track of schedules electronically. That worked very well.

After that, the day came that she discovered the task list feature of Google calendar.

With proper attend and encouragement I started using this feature.

No longer do I need to search to find the list, writing utensil, or more paper.

Now, when reflecting on the day’s events, I can ruin with a smile, which rejuvenates me for the next day. Not only that, but I’m getting more done in less time.

When interruptions arrive, and they will come, I am able to get right back on track when I have the ability to do so. I also love the ability of checking off an item upon completion. As I gawk items get completed throughout the day, I am propelled into further success for that day.

Some ways list power has worked nicely for me personally include…

* Keep The Task Simple: Instead of writing down 5 different article directories I want to submit to I write 1 per task and check each off as I finish. It may seem like overkill, but the exhilaration you receive as a result is more than well worth it.

* Build Recent Items: Continually reflect upon how your list is working for you with a willingness to change and adapt your list in the areas where it is or is not working. I’m inflamed each time I’m able to add unusual items to my list as I know without a shadow of doubt I’d never have gotten this all done in a day prior to following my power list.

* Segment Your Day: I have two different types of lists that I refer to in the day. Whatever I want to complete each and every day goes in the daily part of my task list. Then I have a weekly portion broken down by my six workdays for items I’m happy with completing once a week.

NOTE: To do the above expend the “indent” feature of Google task lists. That way you can check everything and only uncheck the day you are actually working with. This personally helps me stay on track even more.

Bottom line?

If you want to succeed, following task lists will help you get started in the right direction very quickly.

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